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Revelation, Alabama


Is Revelation a place or a state of mind? And how does Bob Dylan fit into this?

In the short-film, Revelation, Alabama, you will find a recipe for Southern-fried spirituality, with a New-Age twist. Stories of heartbreak and redemption never go out of style. An air of mystery surrounds the town of Revelation when down-and-out banker turned biker Dex Burns stumbles into the incongruous diner. He meets Angeline Harper, the angelic waitress who takes him on a journey of self-discovery. Through their insightful, often contentious and humorous dialog, Dex leaves town with a renewed spirit determined to travel the road to a better life, yet questioning whether the town really exists, or if the events were played out in his own psyche. The film is filled with subtle subliminal messages, both visual and vocal, which add to the surrealism of the place. Can you find them all?


The goal of this project is to enter the major film festivals so that our film will reach anyone who is at a crossroads in their life. We were fortunate that Sony and BD Music granted us the rights to use the original 1965 version of Bob Dylan's It’s Alright Ma, (I’m Only Bleeding). Dylan has stated that this is one of his songs that means the most to him, and he has played the song often in concerts. This is an inspiring segue from Angeline's parting remarks: "Remember, Dex. If you ain't busy being born, you’re busy dying." Legend has it that Bob Dylan would not let Peter Fonda use this version of this song in the movie Easy Rider. This is a bit of a coup for us to be granted use of the original version in Revelation, Alabama.

Revelation, Alabama Bob Dylan Credits

The script is based on Dale Foster's one-act play which won first place in the Alabama Writer's Conclave Writing Competition. The play was adapted into a short-film and produced in 2019. This is an ambitious effort that condenses an impactful three-act drama into a short film format. As such, this is an original, well-crafted film that takes advantage of the short form to exemplify distinctive and genuine storytelling.

Response to the story has been overwhelmingly positive. The film’s heartfelt theme and emotions resonate with the audience. Numerous people have mentioned how they can identify with this story as it relates to their own lives. This is a film with a powerful and relatable message that reveals universal truths. Sometimes we all need someone like Angeline, real or spiritual, to guide us through life’s labyrinth.

The film is a production of The Cierra Group, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation which has produced productions for Alabama Public Television and other media outlets. The cast and crew are working professionals in the film and arts business, having experience in a substantial number of feature length and short film projects.


Casey Dillard: Casey is an actress, writer and director, known for Driven (2018), Stagrassle Paranormal (2015), As I Lay Dying (2013), and Genrevolt (2012). She has been acting onstage since childhood and after testing the waters of stand-up comedy, found a joy in improvisation. She is a founding member/director of two long-running improv teams - Stranger Are You Smiling, and West of Shake Rag, which was selected as an apprentice team for the Chicago Improv Festival 2010. She has won multiple awards for her screenplays and onscreen performances.

Revelation, Alabama Angeline Harper
Jamie Fair: Jamie is an actor, known for Driven (2018), The Devil's Road (2017), Tinker (2016) and Irrational Fears (2013). Some of Jamie’s past theatrical roles include Stanley in A Streetcar Named Desire, Jack in The Importance Of Being Earnest, and Roy in Lone Star, for which he received the award for Best Actor by the Mississippi Theatre Association. Jamie acquired his BFA in Theatre from the University of Mississippi after working as a professional wrestler on the independent circuit.

Revelation, Alabama Dex Burns


Director: Glenn Payne
Glenn Payne is an award winning filmmaker who has made 27 films, as well as an improvisational and film actor. He crafted his improvisational acting skills with his troupe West of Shake Rag, based in Tupelo, MS, and trained at Second City in Chicago, IL. You can see his comedy series Stagrassle Paranormal on Amazon Prime as well as his sci-fi film Earthrise, which is also available through other VOD platforms and on DVD/Blu-ray through Wal-mart, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy and more. View his new feature film, Driven, on Amazon Prime or follow @driven movie on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Producer/Writer: Dale Foster
Dale Foster is an award winning author, screenwriter, and producer. His latest project is the short film, Revelation, Alabama which has been selected for numerous film festivals and awards. His one-act play, Revelation, Alabama won 1st place in the Alabama Writer's Conclave Writing Competition. He founded the Mobile, Alabama Bay Area Screenwriters Group and served as Screenwriting Instructor for the Department of Special Courses at the University of South Alabama and at the Mobile Area Film and Television Arts Center. He was producer, writer, and talent for the Alabama Public Television show Books This Week and the Bay Books Television News Series for BAY-TV. He also served as producer, writer, and talent for the Book Break Radio Series (WABB-AM) and had a credited roll in the feature film, Raw Justice (West Side Studios, Inc.). His screenplays have been selected for numerous film festivals and awards around the world. Mr. Foster studied screenwriting at Harvard University Summer School.

Director of Photography: Michael Williams
Michael owns Shendopen Productions and continues to write and direct his own independent films, produce films by other regional filmmakers, and works regionally in the film industry primarily as a director of photography. After writing, directing, and producing over 20 short films, Williams broke into the feature length film territory with his debut, award-winning feature OzLand. The film went on to premiere and screen theatrically in Hollywood, CA before gaining nationwide distribution. His second feature film, The Atoning, was released via Redbox, Hulu, Best Buy, and all major VOD and Cable on Demand outlets before releasing in various international markets including Brazil, Germany, South East Asia, and South Korea.


Robert M. Ditto - Unit Production Manager
Katrina Kinder - First A/C
Greg Gray - Gaffer
Will Denson - Sound
James Puckett - Grip
Caleb Hall - Grip/Art Design
Stunts - Scotty Hall
Makeup Artist - Chloe Sharpe
Hair Artist - Crystal Sharpe Wisham
Script Consultant - Rebekah Gleaves Sanderlin & Cherie Graves
Graphics - Tiffany Gerber and Lee Downing


It’s Alright Ma, (I’m Only Bleeding)
Written and Performed by Bob Dylan
Copyright © 1965 by Warner Bros. Inc.
Renewed 1993 Special Rider Music
Courtesy of Columbia Records
By arrangement with Sony Music Licensing

Original Music: Revelation, Alabama Blues
Performed by Fritz Froeschner
Recorded at Soap and Song Studio, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida
Copyright © 2016 The Cierra Group, Inc.


Tom's Drug Store
Baldwyn, Mississippi


Produced by: The Cierra Group, Inc.
Year of Production: 2019
Type: Short Film
Rating: NR
Genre: Drama
Country of Origin: USA
Feature Run Time: 24 minutes


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