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Main Characters:
Tough, Southern, ex Navy Seal. Lives on a sail boat. Not a "by the rules" kind of guy he makes his own.
Hard nosed, by the book professional, and sexy.
Diabolical neo Nazi. Will kill anyone to get his way, and does.

It is a moonlit night. A lone shrimp trawler is cruising into a deserted stretch of coastline. Unknown to the crew, DEA agent JEB SLOAN and a squad of Federal agents are waiting. Once the boat lands, a fierce gun battle ensues. The suspects are captured, but Sloan discovers the boat is carrying nothing but fish. The real drug shipment has entered the coast undetected in a submarine. Drug kingpin IVAN HEINRICH is the mastermind behind this deceptive drug smuggling scheme. He ingeniously modified a World War II vintage submarine into an undetectable drug smuggling vehicle which can easily slip past the usual devices of the Coast Guard and the DEA. He uses the money made from smuggling drugs to finance his neo Nazi activities. Surrounded by a group of fanatic Skin Heads, Ivan has built a large, and deadly, drug smuggling operation.

When word reaches DEA headquarters that a very large shipment of drugs entered the country right under their noses, CAPTAIN HATCHER is furious. He calls Sloan into his office for an explanation of the bogus drug bust. Sloan can not explain the error. Obviously, the shrimp trawler was just a decoy. Hatcher thinks Sloan may need a little help to solve the case, so he assigns LAURA DENNING as his partner. Sloan adamantly objects, but to no avail.

Sloan is obviously not happy about having "a girl" for his partner. Still he must try to solve the case, or face the consequences from his overbearing hot tempered boss. Laura considers Sloan to be a "Neanderthal." The two are totally opposite in personality. Sloan is unorthodox and "flies by the seat of his pants." Laura is neatly dressed and performs "by the book." Although they can not agree on anything, the two unlikely partners set out together to nab the notorious drug runners. Sloan's pursuit of evidence leads him and Laura into the sleaziest parts of town, including biker bars, strip joints, and redneck clubs. He quickly learns that Laura is a force to be reckoned with. As a martial arts expert herself, she can more than hold her own in a bar fight. The two gradually find a mutual respect for each other, and even a spark of flirtatious romance. As the story progresses, we learn that Sloan's unrelenting drive to capture drug dealers is due to his wife being killed when she accidently stumbled upon a drug deal. Sloan quit the Navy Seals to live on his sailboat with his dog, a great dane named HAMLET. Surprisingly, his favorite pastime is reading Shakespeare and Travis McGee mysteries. As a martial arts expert, Sloan is as dangerous with his hands as with weapons. Laura is quite the opposite. She comes from a very rich and influential family. Her father is a Federal judge who often gives Sloan a hard time. Sloan's initial impression of Laura as a wealthy, spoiled, "do gooder" eventually changes to one of admiration.

Ivan and his gang of cut throats become nervous when Sloan gets too close to discovering their drug smuggling secret. So, they set out to kill the snooping DEA agent. Now, the tables are turned. The pursuers are now the pursued. Sloan is chased in cars, boats, jet skis, and in ultra lite aircraft. But Sloan is tough. He even manages to thwart Ivan's attempts to bomb a crowded synagogue. When all else fails, Ivan kidnaps Laura and uses her as bait for a trap to capture Sloan. Now, it is up to Sloan to save her without getting himself killed in the process.


Official Selection - Southeast Regional Film Festival, 2021


Dale Foster
Dale Foster is an award winning author, screenwriter, and producer. His one-act play, Revelation, Alabama won 1st place in the Alabama Writer's Conclave Writing Competition. He founded the Mobile, Alabama Area Screenwriters Group and served as Screenwriting Instructor for the Department of Special Courses at the University of South Alabama and at the Mobile Area Film and Television Arts Center. He was producer, writer, and talent for the Alabama Public Television show Books This Week and the Bay Books Television News Series for BAY-TV. He also served as producer, writer, and talent for the Book Break Radio Series (WABB-AM) and had a credited roll in the feature film, Raw Justice (West Side Studios, Inc.). Mr. Foster studied screenwriting at Harvard University Summer School. His recent short-film, Revelation, Alabama is the official selection for numerous film festivals and awards in the United States.


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