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Conniving college student finds a despicable way to use the Coronavirus Pandemic to live the life style he is accustomed. Desperate people do desperate things, and sometimes a tragedy is an opportunity.


Official Selection - Southeast Regional Film Festival, 2021
Official Selection - Top Indie Film Awards, 2021
Official Selection - Fort Myers Beach International Film Festival, 2021
Official Selection - Tagore International Film Festival, 2020 (Outstanding Achievement Award - Short Script)
Official Selection - Calcasieu Parish Short Film Festival, 2020
Official Selection - Rome Independent Prisma Awards, 2020
Official Selection - LIFFT INDIA FILMOTSAV-World Cine Fest, 2020
Official Selection - Accord Cine Fest, 2020 (Best Short Script, November 2020)


Dale Foster
Dale Foster is an award winning author, screenwriter, and producer. His one-act play, Revelation, Alabama won 1st place in the Alabama Writer's Conclave Writing Competition. He founded the Mobile, Alabama Area Screenwriters Group and served as Screenwriting Instructor for the Department of Special Courses at the University of South Alabama and at the Mobile Area Film and Television Arts Center. He was producer, writer, and talent for the Alabama Public Television show Books This Week and the Bay Books Television News Series for BAY-TV. He also served as producer, writer, and talent for the Book Break Radio Series (WABB-AM) and had a credited roll in the feature film, Raw Justice (West Side Studios, Inc.). Mr. Foster studied screenwriting at Harvard University Summer School. His recent short-film, Revelation, Alabama is the official selection and award winner for numerous film festivals in the United States.


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