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Conniving college student finds a despicable way to use the Coronavirus Pandemic to live the life style he is accustomed. Desperate people do desperate things, and sometimes a tragedy is an opportunity. LEARN MORE >>>


HARD KILL is an action thriller following the adventures of hard-nosed DEA agent Jeb Sloan and his unwanted partner Laura Denning as they chase the evil Neo-Nazi drug kingpin Ivan Heinrich. Heinrich has devised an ingenious and despicable scheme to smuggle illegal drugs into the United States. He uses the drug money to advance his plans for a re-emergence of the Aryan Race and fund his army of fanatical Skinheads. He will do anything to become the new Fuhrer. Only Jeb and Laura can catch this mad man and save the world from his devious plan. LEARN MORE >>>


How can a man make sense of something so illogical? The answer was always a question - Why? It was a woman, of course. Not just any woman. A woman whose beauty makes men gasp when she enters a room, and keeps them entranced as she glides across the floor, triggering a primal male impulse that renders them unable to turn away, either out of attraction or fear. Her body entices them to believe for a moment that true unabated sensuality does exist, and everything else is second-rate. He knew the consequences of failure, of one false step. He thought he could handle it. He was wrong. LEARN MORE >>>

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